My expertise is primarily focused in the programing language R for data manipulation, visualization, and statistical analysis. I have authored the package {ecotox} which uses a simple approach for a logit or probit analysis to determine the lethal concentrations (LC) or time (LT) for toxicology studies. Additionally, {ecotox} has a function derived from Wheeler et al., (2006) which allows the user to test two different LC or LT values. {ecotox} is available on CRAN and the developer version is maintained on my GitHub profile. I have also contributed to the package {glatos} which is focused on acoustic telemetry data processing. Currently, most of my work is focused on large acoustic telemetry datasets, stable isotope analysis, bioenergetic models, and length-at-age datasets. I have statistical experience in frequentist and Bayesian statistical approaches and have expertise in using parametric and non-parametric statistical tools, GLMMs, GAMMs, spatial and temporal auto-correlated data, and zero-inflated models. Lastly, I have some minimal experience using python and SQL.

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